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Success Stories

From Last Line To Captain

I can now hit top shelf from the blue line...

Before I started going to Puckmasters I wasn’t the best player on my hockey team. My backwards skating wasn’t the greatest, my shot wasn’t that good, and I couldn’t even do a backwards crossovers. Now I’m the CAPTAIN of my team and one of the best defensemen in the bantam league. I am now relied upon to be on the ice more often. My shot has gotten to the point where I can put it top shelf at the blue line, I can skate backwards as good as the next guy, an can also do backwards crossovers at almost anytime. Puckmasters has helped me improve upon all my hockey skills greatly, and I think that they can help you improve at hockey yourself.


Mitchell Burt, 13

First Time Goalie Surprises Them All

Puckmasters made learning something new so much fun...

My name is Walker and I am 8 years old.  I started at Puckmasters when they first opened last year.  My Mom and Dad signed me up for the power skating program and I loved it.  I now go to acedmy at Puckmasters and I love the Dryland training the best before I hit the ice.  I used to be a forward but when I changed my mind and decided to become a goalie just before the season started this year Todd helped me get ready.  He is so cool and made learning something new so much fun.  I made the Major Novice team as their goalie I was so happy.  Oh yeah I forgot I had my birthday party there this summer and it was so much fun I got to have a hockey game with all my friends.  I love going to Puckmasters everyone there is so nice and happy to see me when I come.


Thanks Walker


Within a matter of two weeks his coach couldn't believe what a difference you had made in Logan's shot

    I just wanted to thank you and Ryan for all that you have done to help Logan.  I recognize that you can only commit as much as any parent or player is willing to commit to getting better, however the environment that you and your staff create at Puckmasters is incredible.  The positive motivation that you and your staff bring to each session makes the kids really want to be there and commit their time.  I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to provide your Puckmasters program to my son Logan as I never played the game of hockey and recognize that you are needed to provide individual physical and mental skill development that can't be taught regularly on the ice during TEAM practices sessions.


    I remember bringing Logan to you and Ryan four years ago as a (5 year old) mite a major player that needed some help with his shot.  Within a matter of two weeks his coach couldn't believe what a difference you had made in Logan's shot.  Your environment and his progress burned like a gasoline fire for him.  As proof, I believe Logan has had close to 75 sessions with you and is as excited to go to Puckmasters today as he was four years ago.  This is clearly a tribute to you and your staff.


    So how has it helped him as an ice hockey player?  He was able to make the mite a major team as a 5 year old where he and his team had a successful season.  He was the youngest player on the team as mites are typically 8 years of age and under.  His next season as a mite AA, he was again the youngest player on the team and was the second leading scorer.  He was invited to try out for the 1997 birth year AAA  spring hockey tournament team as a 1999 birth year player.  He made the team as an alternate and played one tournament with the team where he was able to score a couple of goals and assists.  As a 7 year old, he played his second year of mite aa hockey and had an incredible year.  He led his team in scoring and then on to winning the regular season title and the tournament title as the first team to have won both Banners in many years.  It was an incredible year of hockey for Logan and his team as they won a bid from the regional Silversticks tournament and made a great showing in the International Silversticks tournament in Michigan.  Logan was named MVP of two tournaments that season scoring four goals in the Silversticks regional finals tournament game and an advanced tournament that we lost in the final game to a team from Canada.  The coach from Canada was given the MVP trophy for his team and he awarded the trophy to Logan "stating that he had never seen anything like it".  As an 8 year old, we decided to leave the aa organization that he had been playing in and tryout for the 1998 birth year team as a 1999 birth year player.  Logan's team ended the season as the #2 ranked AAA '98 birth year team in the USA.  Logan had a terrific year as he was voted the offensive MVP of the year for the team and was invited to play for the elite hockey prospects team USA in a USA versus Canada weekend.  He was also voted the team Captain for the Little Caesar's tournament final game as he led all '98 birth year tournament players in goals.  His final award for the year was an invitation and acceptance to play in the BRICK tournament in Edmonton Alberta where he played for the Ohio AAA blue jackets.  As a 9 year old he is now heading into his second year of aaa hockey with the 1998 Hornets. 


    As you can imagine, we are very proud of Logan's accomplishments and commitment as a hockey player.  I am not a person that would walk around and tell you how great Logan is as a player.  I do recognize that things change and kids change.  The one thing I hope never changes is Puckmaster’s.  The motivation and the skill advancements Logan has as a player are clearly a product of the environment that you and your team create.  Please accept the above accomplishments by Logan as  a direct result your staff's hard work and committment.  In no way are they intended or meant to be a gloating story to brag about Logan.  There is one thing I know as a college football player... There is a funnel from youth league to high school, high school to college and college to professional football that fewer kids make it through each level.  I do know that no matter what level you make it through skill development and mental development are paramount.  Those are the fruits of Puckmasters.


Thank you all for your commitment to player development on and off the ice.

Yours truly,


Todd and Jill Hutsko


Morgan is now a AAA Bantam Standout


Dear Puckmasters:

I can't begin to thank you for all you have done for my son, Morgan. Yesterday we were told that he had made the Coquitlam Rep Peewee B2 team and we are just thrilled. Hard to believe that just over three years ago, this boy had never seen the game of hockey before, let alone ice. You see, in the whole state of Hawaii where we are from, there is only one ice rink and that is only a few years old. So naturally, I felt that Morgan was at a disadvantage to some degree. However he was determined to learn how to skate and how to play hockey.

For the past couple of seasons he has worked very hard and was improving bit by bit. At the end of last season he was doing well, but many of his teammates still skated better and played circles around him. That has all changed since he started Puckmasters.

All of those same teammates that out-skated and outplayed him last season also tried out for "Rep." But only one of them made it - Morgan. And it's all thanks to Puckmasters. He started with you at the end of last season and had not been on the ice since then. He even took August off before going straight into the tryouts. Puckmasters has given him the edge, the self-confidence and the expertise. I thank you and Morgan thanks you. We are lucky to have found you and I will continue to recommend Puckmasters to anyone who will listen. Thank you, thank you very much.


Catherine A. Bell

Puckmasters has not only motivated my 10 year son to attain greatness, your organization has also made Stephen fell like a part of the Puckmasters family.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff at  Puckmasters for all that you have done for my son Stephen. Over the  past several years while training at Puckmasters my son has excelled in many areas of his young life, not only has he  become an all star goalie in the Brockton and Edgewood Youth Hockey  programs , he is also evolving into a well rounded young man. Your staff has inspired Stephen to persue greatness with one result being that he is a straight A student as well as a very nice boy.  Puckmasters does not only teach great athletic techniques and skills but also educates their students in life lessons resulting in a very unique experience. My wife Lia and I attribute much of Sephens sucesses both on the ice and in the classroom to Puckmasters.

Recently at the "End of Year" hockey banquet Stephens coach spoke to the audience about Stephen and what a nice young man he is who doesnt realize how good he really is. He went on to say that Stephen was a pleasure to coach and wished he had a dozen Stephens because of his work ethic, sportsmanship, mannersisms and his knowledge of the game.  All of these great compliments are a direct result of Stephens’s training program at Puckmasters. Lia and I were the proudest parents in the room that night.

Puckmasters has not only motivated my 10 year old son to attain greatness, your organization has also made Stephen feel like a part of the Puckmasters family.

There have been many instances when I have realized what a positive impact Puckmasters has had on my son. You are to be commended for offering such a well rounded program. As long as Stephen continues to work hard and desires to play in elite hockey programs we will forever be part of the Puckmasters family. I cannot possibly begin to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you and the rest of the Puckmasters staff.


Thank you so very much.

Gregg Jenner
Father of The Great Stephen Jenner

Brady Leavold - Norfolk Admirals - American Hockey League


Dear Puckmasters,

I would just like to take this time to thank you for all your great help over the years. Your team at Puckmasters have been a huge help to me over the years. When I first attended Puckmasters at age nine, I was just a young cocky hockey player who thought everything would come to me with no effort at all. Because of the awesome training at Puckmasters, not only the on ice but the visualization, motivation and goal setting techniques your team has taught me I have been able to elevate my game significantly.

The success does not just stop on the ice, but the training has taught me to be motivated and goal oriented in all areas of my life. Now at age 16, I am still using all of these techniques on a daily basis. Before each game and practice I visualize what I want to be doing on the ice, and let me tell you one thing! It definitely helped me out big time. It helped me get to where I am today.

This past summer many events were the most important in my life to date. I made it to the U-17 BC Best Ever provincial camp to have a try out for Team Pacific. Although I was the last cut from the team, I walked away owned by the Swift Current Broncos of the WHL — meaning I had been added to their 50 player protected list. Thus, I would be attending their training camp in August. In training camp, I used the various techniques that Pete and his team had taught me over the years.

As a 16 year old it is very difficult to crack a spot on a WHL roster, but I did just that! Not until it was all ended by a serious leg injury, which brought me back home to play one year of junior back home. However, out of all this I earned myself one year of post secondary education, all for just signing one simple WHL contract.

Because of Puckmasters, all areas of my game have improved (shooting especially) but from going to a cocky nine year old, to a motivated, hardworking, and goal oriented 16 year old is something I am very proud of. I have changed to become a better hockey player, but even more a better person. Thanks Puckmasters for everything!


Brady Leavold; Norfolk Admirals - American Hockey League

Since he has been in the program, his confidence level has been extremely boosted


Dear Puckmasters,

The beginning of this school year was very difficult for Sebastian. We had teachers calling us all the time regarding Sebastian's behavior and inattentiveness in the classroom. So like most parents would do we took Sebastian to see a child psychologist who basically wanted to put Sebastian on medication. Well that was not an option for us.

We found over the winter months that Sebastian had a strong desire to play hockey so since he did not know how to skate so we enrolled him at Puckmasters. Since he has been in the program, his confidence level has extremely been boosted. Sebastian has learned so much more than hockey-in this program. He has learned respect not only for himself but also for others. Sebastian's teachers were asking me if Sebastian was still seeing the doctor because his behavior and performance had greatly improved. I confidently said no it was the hockey program he was enrolled in. Every coach that Sebastian has worked with has been nothing but wonderful. I want to thank each one of you; we are grateful for all you have done with our son. And Sebastian's excitement carries over to us with each and every lesson we bring him to, because he is truly happy to be there.

A good friend of mine once said, "Hockey is good for the soul", well in this case he was not very far off. Thank you again for everything.


Diana Peters and Erik Heidrich

"Your staff always makes the kids feel special, and your system of one-on-one training has greatly improved Logan's self-confidence."

Dear Puckmasters,

We would really like to thank you for the great system you have going. It has been a great help to Logan. Your system of one-on-one training is the best part. This has greatly improved Logan's self-confidence. His hockey skills have improved significantly. He tries to do the things he learns at each session in practise and during games. He has started to score more goals, which he is enjoying, and really looks forward to his time at Puckmasters. He likes that his shooting, stickhandling, and passing have improved. As parents, we have noticed that even in school he seems more confident and pays more attention!

The staff is really great with the kids. Logan enjoys his pump-up calls and looks forward to them. Your staff always makes the kids feel special by greeting each one as they come in. Having their names on the lockers really makes the kids feel good about themselves. The total experience at Puckmasters is positive.

To the staff at Puckmasters, keep up the good work!

The Stockley Family

"I made the sweetest glove save I've ever seen. It was crazy. Everything has been going just unbelievable and it's all thanks to you."

Dear Puckmasters,

It's Mat Frechette just letting you know how everything is going. I beat out the other 3 goalies for the number 1 spot. Up to this point, personally, my record is 5-1. The game we lost was awesome even though we lost. We lost 4-3 in OT to Governor Dummer Academy. They have 2 kids going to UNH and 1 to BC. I had 42 saves that game. Everyone at the game was going crazy. Plus, the first minute into OT, the kid that's going to BC came down on a 2 on 1 and took a blast top glove. I made the sweetest glove save I've ever seen. It was crazy. Well besides that, I shutout St. Sebastians in the championship of their holiday tournament. Everything has been going just unbelievable and it's all thanks to you. You've just helped me out so much with everything. Every game, I go into it with a certain mind-set, and everything I think about is what you've taught me. Thank you so much for everything. I'll e-mail you again and let you know how things are going.

Thank you.
Mat Frechette

Number One Lesson is Positivity

My name is Martin Wardowicz and I have been coming to Puckmasters Port Coquitlam for 5 years now. Through my ups and downs they have taught me that Positivity is the most important lesson.  It is what counts the most on the ice, and it is what decides how you play. The coaches down at Puckmasters cannot be thanked enough for all they've done for me. When I strap on my skates and do up my helmet, memories of Puckmasters come to mind giving me only positivity on the ice, assuring me I’ll do the best. Being able to go on the ice with these feelings is what changes everything about my game play and I would never learn anything if it weren't for my boys down at Puckmasters. They teach me to strive for the best on and off of the ice and because of that I am confident I will make it to Junior next year.  With the knowledge, confidence, skills, and proper attitude that my coaches and peer's have taught me
at Puckmasters, I can honestly say I am a better player, and person because of this. My season directly reflected this as I consistently put points up and had an awesome building year for junior next season.

Thanks to all of the coaches and people involved in Puckmasters Poco!

Martin Wardowicz

"Without Puckmasters there is no way I would be half the player I am today."

Dear Puckmasters,

Puckmasters has been the greatest thing in the world for my hockey game. The coaches are fantastic, and the ice is awesome. When I first started hockey, I was lucky to get from blueline to blueline without falling, let alone touch the puck, but thanks to awsome support of Kevin, Mark, Pete, Jake and all of the other coaches, my game has vastly improved. I got my second point the other night, when I passed the puck to my teammate on a 2-man breakaway and he buried it 5-hole. Puckmasters has taught me everything, from skating and shooting, to not being afraid to get hit. Without Puckmasters there is no way I would be half the player I am today. As long as I play hockey (forever) I'll go to Puckmasters, there's no place I'd rather be!! I would recommend Puckmasters to everybody. The coaches are fun, patiant, and great teachers. The dressing rooms are filled with insperational photos of hockey legends with the Stanley Cup and great sayings. There is no greater hockey place than Puckmasters.

A client for life,
Garth McLennan

I never realized how effective Puckmasters truly was until I witnessed my transformation.


Dear Puckmasters,

My assistant coach introduced me to Puckmasters when I was playing for the Langley Hornets of the BCHL. I had played Jr. B the previous year. My statistics were nothing to write home about, but I was willing to do whatever it takes to make the next level.

I was hired as a personal coach and began coaching young hockey players with the positive reinforcement techniques Puckmasters utilizes. As I was teaching I was also the student learning from the other coaches. I was taught to believe in my ability. After working there for a year I improved from 3 goals to 12 goals and after my second year working I was a BCHL all-star scoring 30 goals in the BCHL.

I never realized how effective Puckmasters truly was until I witnessed my transformation. Before working and training at Puckmasters I referred to myself as a role player and within two years I knew I was a difference maker. I was ready for the next level, NCAA college hockey.

Gaining the confidence in my ability and knowing I could still continue to improve are the gifts the people at Puckmasters had given me. Puckmasters has truly changed attitude and ability to succeed in hockey.

I have known so many gifted players how never made the next level because they seemed to blend into the background of the team. Puckmasters one-on-one philosophy allows you to shine as an individual. Working with Puckmasters improved my stick handling, shooting, and skating ability.

From the BCHL, to NCAA, and now to professional hockey, Puckmaster’s has been there every step of the way.

Thank you for believing in me,

Neil Clark

Forward/ AHL – Grand Rapid Griffins

Brett Mclean: Florida Panthers - NHL

"It was amazing for myself and my family to realize my dream to play against all of the teams and players I had always imagined playing against."

Dear Puckmasters,

Puckmasters was an opportunity to work on my shot, which all forwards need. I went there every day to practice and it made me a better shooter. It was a fantastic atmosphere as all of the people involved were so enthusiastic, which can only rub off positively on everyone around them. My improvement is a credit to everyone involved at Puckmasters and it showed me what belief in yourself and hard work can do. The atmosphere was always very upbeat and friendly which made it more than just a hockey related place, but somewhere I really enjoyed to be and people I really looked up to. Well, the greatest highlights of my hockey career have to be my entire last season which was my first in the NHL. It was amazing for myself and my family to realize my dream to play against all of the teams and players I had always imagined playing against. To come back to Vancouver and play against the Canucks, to playing in Toronto to playing in as rowdy an atmosphere as we had at home in Chicago when playing Detroit were all huge thrills, and to get to share them with my family was very special. Also in junior I was lucky enough to represent Canada at the World Junior Championships was also something I shall cherish forever.

Thanks and take care,
Brett McLean (Florida Panthers)

Testimonial To Be Proud Of


By Tricia & Ferruccio Ferretto

Great Success!

Thank You Puckmasters!


In May 2008, our son Josh showed some interest in playing hockey for the first time. Due to lack experience and his age, we were hesitant to sign him up for fear that he’d be thrown in with a bunch of kids his own age who would have likely been playing for many years, and would skate circles around him, or worse yet, be grouped with younger kids and still stick out like a sore thumb. Either way, not good for his ego!

We had heard about Puckmasters and decided to come out for a tour and see if we could get josh some one-on-one training to prepare him for his first hockey season.

We were immediately greeted and made to feel welcome and our family was toured through the facility and the staff consistently included both of our sons in the conversation, and answered all of our questions. We knew right away that we had come to the right place!

Not only were we impressed with all the packages and professional training available, but it really says a lot about a place when each time you walk in the door you are greeted by name, and the staff all take an interest in your progress, whether it be their “dry-land training, or their cross-overs!

Now 3 months later my son has learned the skills that he’ll need to take him on the ice for his 1st hockey season, and the best of all, he has a new-found confidence in himself and his ability to keep up with kids his age. There is no doubt in our minds that the confidence came from the professional training of his one-on-one Coaches. Each training session wasnnot only challenging, but fun and rewarding for Josh.

The progress we have witnessed in such a short time has been incredible, and each week we look forward to our visits to Puckmasters our second home for the past 3 months!

We would highly recommend Puckmasters to all our friends!

Tricia & Ferruccio Ferretto.

Thanks Puckmasters, for a great summer!

I would like to thank everyone here for helping me improving my skills and really being there for me. I like how all the trainers pushed me to my limit but made it fun for me. Its great coming to Puckmasters knowing that everyone will be there, happy to see me and ready to push me harder then the last time I had a session.

Thank you

Dawson (First Year Peewee A Goalie)


The season is going pretty good so far. We had our first game on Saturday and dominated, we won 9-1. We still have cuts to make sadly, but tonight shall be the last night for cuts. (1 defence, 1 forward and 1 goalie) Puckmasters did help me out a great deal. If I hadn't gone to puckmasters during the summer, I probably wouldn't be as far as I am now. I am hoping to improve my skills more, and hopefully be called up to AA this year. Thanks for helping me work harder and get were I want to be.

Vince (moved from house to Bantam A)