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Thank You Puckmasters

Dear, Puckmasters

      I began going to Puckmasters before starting my first year of bantam to improve my skills and most importantly my speed.  I went their everyday that summer with the exception of two days. For my second year pee wee I was the slowest kid on my team and I knew I needed to improve in order to go farther in my hockey career. After attending Puckmasters for the summer, I was in the top five for skating and was the leading goal and point scorer on my Bantam tier two team. I continued going to Puckmasters during the season and I was continuing to improve from game to game.  Just after Christmas I fractured my clavicle.  Since I was out of game play for just over a month, I used Puckmasters to help me stay in shape for when I could play again.  In the meantime, my team made it to theProvincials and I was ready to play.  After many hard fought battles and trips to Puckmasters in between, we made it to the provincial finals.  My team continued to fight hard in the playoffs and made it to the semi final game where I ended up fracturing my clavicle again.  My team ended up losing that game.

      My instructors at Puckmasters  really helped me not only with my skills but with my confidence too.  They also taught me how to think like you’re the best so then you play like you are the best.  They taught me all the skills I needed to play to the best of my ability all year long.


       Thanks for your time,


Jon Wilmot