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This is why I love Puckmasters so much

I started out a year ago at Puckmasters's. Recently I have been attending Puckmasters's quite often, actually the last 2 months I have been busy sharpening my Defensive Skills and improving my skating.

During this time with the help of Brady, Pete, Josh and everyone else here at Puckmasters my passing, shooting and aggressiveness has improved very much. I also learned how to "dump hard", "keep my head up" and "always use the body to stop pucks on the boards".

Things I like about Puckmasters are everyone is so friendly especially Brady and Pete.

One of the great things which happens the night before your session, is Pete or Brady will always give you a "pump up call".

All the people here at Puckmasters are so inspiring expecially with their hockey history.

Pete and Brady showed enough interest in my development to show up at one of my rep hockey tryouts. I was very happy when I found that out. This is why I love Puckmasters so much.

Thanks Pete and Brady for all your help.