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Thanks Goes Out To Pete Fry, Puckmasters Founder

Hello all,
That was the best session yet!  Lots of high end fast paced skills and skating!
Thanks goes out to Pete Fry, PuckMasters founder, for coming out today and for the motivational clips of the boys!
I agree with is 90% "mental". Without a strong mental component to your game you will not practice and train enough or hard enough to succeed at the highest level, not to mention how huge the mental aspect is in games. The mental component is HUGE!
Something to ponder....A player is lucky to take 5 shots on goal, have the puck on his stick for 60 seconds total, and skate for 15-20 minutes in a 3 period stop time game. A goalie is lucky to get 30 shots and do "some" movement.
Practice and training on and off ice is way more important than games for development ... very few "get" this. However, not just any practice and training will do, but proper practice and training with top coaches and top players.
PuckMasters offers the very best in coaching and training and especially on ice practice.  My son did two years at POE and I can honestly say that these small group session are superior to any POE practice. Ryan will vouch for that whole heartedly.
  How many shots did your boy get on net today? How many minutes did he have the puck on his stick handling the puck a high pace? How many minutes did he skate?  How hard were his aerobic and anaerobic energy systems worked? How many shots did the goalies get? How much movement did the goalies get? Did they strongly stress their aerobic and anaerobic energy systems too?  How much did they all, and especially the goalies, have to anticipate and use their head so to speak?
"It takes three things to succeed: talent,  hard work  and perseverance and the greatest of these is not talent"  Jay Blysma, attorney at law and dad of Penns head coach and former NHL-er Dan Blysma. Both Jay and Dan "got it".
Cliff Ronning said this in his retirement speech.  "I would like to thank all the people out there , all through my hockey career, that said I was too small to make it to the next level, because without those comments I would have never worked hard enough to make the NHL and play for 17 years"  He wasn't joking around either.
The boys should never listen to anyone that says "you can't" .... not if you really want it...whatever that may be.