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1 on 1 Hockey Training

With Puckmasters' backwards shaping and Accelerated Learning Techniques™, Puckmasters 1-on-1 training is the fastest way to learn! Imagine having your very own personal coach working directly with you, instructing you one-on-one, guiding you, molding you, and accelerating your learning curve by leaps and bounds. With a complete focus on you, you'll notice a distinct improvement after just one session!

1 on 1 Hockey Training

Each of our 1-on-1 training programs has up to 48 skills for you to master! You can choose from one of the prepared programs listed below, or just ask your Puckmasters Personal Coach, and we'll customize a program to suit your needs!

And don't forget to check out our Wall of Fame to see some great players who came out of the Puckmasters system!

  • Skills Plus
  • Competitive Rep/Competitive Travel
  • Defense Mastery
  • S.C.A.T.S. (Skating, Conditioning, Agility, Tenacity, & Shooting)
  • Power Skating
  • Learn to Play