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Team Training at Puckmasters

Team Training at Puckmasters


Team Training

“Your upbeat and positive attitude that goes along with the constructive instruction has helped the team improve their skills. ”
"The Great" Janet Brown, N. Delta PeeWee Lightning

With Puckmasters focus on individualized training, we've developed programs to give individualized training in larger groups. We'll work with you to customize a program to meet your team's needs. Our team training features a 6-to-1 student-to-coach ratio, so you'll be assured of plenty of one-on-one time!

As with our individual programs, we can suggest a program for your team, or you can inform us of what you'd like your team to work on, and we'll customize a program for you. As an added bonus, because our outstanding Puckmasters coaches handle all the on-ice training, it leaves you — the team coach — free to evaluate the players' skill levels and talk with their parents. Across North America, Puckmasters has been working with Minor Hockey Associations and individual teams, so if your team hasn't been training at Puckmasters, give us a call to see what Puckmasters can do for you!

The girls are really enjoying Puckmasters.  We can definitely see the impact the training is having.  You can literally see the improvement each week!  
We have all been so impressed with the facility, training and instructors.  Of all the development programs we've seen and participated in over the years, this has had the greatest impact and shown the best results. 
Thanks for everything - Audrey
Bantam 1
Meadow Ridge Female MHA