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Hockey Skating Treadmill

1. Enhances Stride Length

Hockey is a game of power endurance, or the ability to repeatedly be explosive, and reach and maintain a top speed in a matter of steps. A full stride extension allows for decreased effort, with increased top speed, endurance and efficiency. This directly relates to the strength and stability of the core, hip, and knee joint.

2. Improves recovery stride

As the leg returns from its previous extension, an efficient skater will place his/her recovery leg under their chest. This will ensure optimal stride length, and balance of the support leg which remains under the body while the opposite leg extends.

3. Increases knee flexion

Increased knee flexion, or sitting down, allows for greater leg extension which ultimately contributes to increases in speed and power.

4. Enhances stability

With an increase in trunk stability, players will skate in a more upright position. this will increase their stride length and lower the athletes' centre of gravity, all increasing the stability on their skates. Thus, a hockey player will be able to move laterally with the puck quicker, and be less easily knocked off by thee puck.

5. Efficient arm swing

The quickest way from point a to b is a straight line. A more efficient arm swing, similar to that of a runner, consists of arms moving linearly in an up-and-down motion, rather than a side-to-side range.

6. Improve Puck Control While Skating

6. Master Shooting On Stride