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Accelerated Learning Techniques

Accelerated Learning Techniques

Accelerated Learning Techniques (notably the afore-mentioned End-Point Visualization and Backward Shaping) is the name we gave to one of the primary differences between Puckmasters Hockey Training and other hockey training.

With our Accelerated Learning Techniques, we have our students hold the final image (or "end-point") of what they want to accomplish — be it a shot, a pass, or other technique — in their mind and then have them work backwards from that end-point. Sound confusing? Not when you see it live! When you see it in action, you'll begin to understand why our students shoot harder, pass better, and learn faster than students of traditional hockey schools (just ask some of our Wall of Famers).

You'll find Accelerated Learning Techniques in use in our 1-on-1 Training, Hockey Academies, Team Training, Goalie-specific Training, and Summer Camps & Clinics.

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