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Customer Testimonials

Manny Legace

"I love it... it's a great facility.  It's great for one-on-one training and it's great for goalies because you're not chasing the puck around all the time."

Manny Legace

Detroit Red Wings Alumni

Treadmill Training

"Blake loved the treadmill...He was obsessed...Didn't want to quit doing it!  The whole team heard about it yesterday at the pool party!

-Kim Simon

Fun But Demanding

"Best way I can sum up our experience with Puckmaster's is results. You were able to take my average level house player and develop him into a travel level player in about 6-months. Additionally, I can not say enough about how great the staff is at this place; they are friendly, professional and very good at hockey (teaching, playing and everything else). The atmosphere is fun but demanding, I have never had my son complain about going in for a session and he always comes off tired but with a smile. Every hockey person I talk to, I tell them to check this place out...I love it and so does my son."

Thanks for everything you guys have done, it is a great family that you are developing.

Mike Lobbia

Ron Pitlock

"The lengthy tenure of the coaching staff and management team has ensured
my son's skill development is focused and balanced."

"For more than three years of training at Puckmasters the management team
has made my son feel welcomed and special each time he has attended a

"Continuous supplemental training at Puckmasters has allowed my son to
develop his hockey skills quicker than just relying on team practices and
clinics "

"The scheduling flexibility at Puckmasters ensures my son can attend
training sessions each week while working around team games and tournaments"

-Ron Pitlock

The Wolaks

"In the five years our family has utilized Puckmasters training we have seen consistent and marked growth and improvement in hockey skills, skating skills and passion for the game.  Puckmasters has guided our three boys through all levels from minimite to midget by using a core group of consistent coaches and management who have gotten to know each of them and their specific strengths and weaknesses and customizing each lesson to maximize their potential.  Although our boys are happy and comfortable at Puckmasters the coaches have always kept the instruction fresh and fun and have never allowed them to become complacent or bored. The confidence they have going into each game is a direct result of the time and efforts Puckmasters coaching has provided."
-Scott and Judy Wolak

Drew and Maggie Kime

"Maggie and Drew have been coming to Puckmasters for the past three months. They absolutely love Puckmasters. The individual attention and training is priceless. The coaches are outstanding. We would strongly recommend Puckmasters to any parent. I'm sure you'll have a very positive experience."

 -Greg Kime 

Cole Lefere 2002

"Puckmasters has been a wonderful experience for our family. The staff is excellent and accommodating for all our needs. The trainers are top notch and have been great in working with my son Cole. His skill level has improved exponentially each week while training at Puckmasters. Every day he asks if we can go as he enjoys being on the ice and learning new "tricks with the puck" as he puts it. Puckmasters has raised his skills and love for the game. Seeing the passion and drive in his eyes and hearing the compliments from other parents on his improvement has confirmed that taking him to Puckmasters was an excellent decision."

Thank you JP, Steve & all the guys for sharing your time and knowledge of the game while training my son. 

-Kevin Lefere

Valuable Advice

My three boys love coming to Puckmasters! After each lesson they have learned something new. The coaches inspire them to work hard and give them valuable advice on how to become a better hockey player. In the beginning, my oldest son Elias questioned why he had to go there. He thought he received enough practice with his current team. Now he knows what a difference it makes coming to Puckmasters. I asked him what he thinks now and he said, "I think Puckmasters has really helped me develop my hockey skills and techniques, without them I don't think I would be at the level I am now!"

-Chatrine Fonovic